As more and more Austinites get vaccinated we're starting to slowly creak the studio door open again and starting to play around with more portraits. Here's a blast from the good old days.


Back in the pre-pandemic days we felt a lot less constrained about inviting people into the studio to make portraits just for fun. Now we're starting to hear from friends (and even adult children of friends) who want to come over and collaborate in some portraiture. 

Tomorrow I'm putting some time aside to make some portraits and headshots for one of my video collaborator's daughters. It's a pretty open-ended brief as long as we get some great stuff. 

Austin seems to be doing a decent job at getting large swaths of the community vaccinated and it seems most natives are still abiding by the mask mandates even though the "personal grievance" political party is doing everything they can to sabotage the recovery. If we can cut down on tourists from the bright red, surrounding cities we might just have a chance to thrive again.

And that means more and more beautiful faces tromping through the hallowed halls of the studio. For fun and sometimes, for profit. 


crsantin said...

Unfortunately here in Canada the vaccine rollout has been truly abysmal. We are headed into our third major lockdown that is going to last for a month. Covid cases are still out of control. Our government doesn't seem to have a clue about getting vaccines into arms. I haven't been on a tennis court in 6 months. I'm hoping I can get on my mountain bike in a few weeks when the winter mud is a bit more manageable.

Kirk Tuck, Photographer/Writer said...

I'm so sorry to hear it. Even though the republicans are doing everything in their power to neutralize the benefits of the decent vaccine rollout by walking away from mask mandates and limits on crowding back into restaurants and bars; our local government is holding the line as well as they can and we're making progress. The numbers are dropping despite the worst efforts of our evil and demented governor and his demonic lackey, the general attorney, Ken Paxton (who is currently under indictment for multiple felonies...).

I fear the Canadians were hobbled by their own sense of fair play while their US neighbors sought to corner the market on vaccines at any cost....

Michael Matthews said...

On the positive side, I’m pleased to read that the Pfizer vaccine is now proved to be fully effective six months down the road. Given how the formula can be re-engineered to accommodate new mutations that appears to offer real hope for the future.