What to do on the 4th while the mercury is climbing and the world turns a bit slower? Read a fun novel.


Austin kids jumping from the Lamar Bridge into the cool water of Lady Bird Lake.

It's a hot day. I slept in. There's no swim practice today so why get up early?

By nine it was already on the way to boiling outside but the light looked pretty and soft coming through the thick white curtains, through the French doors.

The air conditioning was purring smoothly and the air in the house was cool and dry. 

I made a big cup of coffee, settled into my favorite reading chair in the main room, and got to work reading the novel I just started last night. 

Truth be told I didn't move from that chair for the next four hours. I was paralyzed by the tingly anticipation the story and the writing generated. Compelled to read to the end to see how everything turned out. 

When I looked up after reading the last page it was two fifteen in the afternoon. 

John Sandford had kept me enthralled and focused like a laser for half the day. It was that 2019 book of his; "Bloody Genius." His main character, Virgil Flowers is the guy we'd all like to have as a best friend. Smart, insightful, human and kind. And if I were really a writer I'd want to be just like John Sanford. 

The whole process of getting lost in a fun, fast, great novel brought back to me memories of Summers in sleepy San Antonio, one of three kids in my parent's house spending most hot Summer afternoons glued to books. Stacks of books from the library. Getting lost in fiction. Discovering new worlds and making the acquaintance of people who weren't real but maybe should have been. 

It's a quiet day here. The mercury has already scooted past 100. The humidity outside is like a scratchy wool sweater against bare skin. 

B. has her book in one of the back rooms at the other end of the house. I only logged on here now to order another John Sanford book. The writing is more addictive than heroin..... It's going to be a long Summer.

Stay cool. Don't hold any fireworks too close to your face. Try to keep your fingers attached. Be traditionally patriotic. Be genuinely appreciative of whatever you've got. And enjoy your holiday. 

Me? Firing up the Kindle.... chilling a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc for later.