OT: The "first world problem" of refrigerator repairs... sigh.


Why can't we just spend the day at the pool?

Last year my favorite refrigerator ever died. We consulted three repair companies, all highly regarded, and the conclusion was the same: "the mother board is toast and they are no longer available..." so we started shopping for a new refrigerator. Any refrigerator that was really good and desirable (Braun, Miele, etc.) was out of reach because of supply issues. No availability.  Who can wait six to nine months to replace a fridge?

We bought a stainless steel, GE, french door refrigerator from Lowe's. It was in stock and deliverable within a week. The first delivery did not go well. The installers damaged my front door frame and the fridge and even cut the water line into the bargain. Back it went. The second delivery was carefully supervised by B. and went much better. The machine was installed in mid-November and worked reasonably well; until a couple of weeks ago. At that point I started to notice that the very top shelves of the refrigerator were not getting cold enough. As time went on the top half of the refrigerator space wasn't cooling down to the right temperatures. The freezer worked fine. 

The problem got progressively worse and we called GE's customer service. They arranged for a third party repair company to handle the in-warranty repair. A tech named David was able to come last week. He diagnosed the problem as being a faulty temperature sensor in the refrigerator (not freezer) compartment. He ordered a part which was delivered to the house yesterday. David came back today to install the part. 

The part has been installed and now I am waiting to see if the top section (the refrigerator compartment) is going to cool down. The refrigerator is running but I'm not feeling anything cold yet. When he was leaving David suggested that it might take up to 24 hours to cool down. I asked him what we should do if this wasn't the issue. He told me that I'd have to start all over again with GE. If I had to contact GE again they would get in touch with the repair company and then that company would send David out again to take another stab at diagnosing the issue.

I'm not particularly happy. Well, to be honest I am not happy at all. I had a vision of the repair not working and me taking an axe to the refrigerator, destroying it completely, boxing up all the parts and shipping the whole mess back to GE while videotaping every step of the destruction to put on Instagram Reels and on TikTok. Maybe even creating a channel on YouTube to show off the video and broadcast a warning for prospective refrigerator shoppers.

But, of course, I'll wait patiently until tomorrow and see what happens. If it doesn't work then I'll prepare myself for another week or so of refrigerator deprivation and the dramatic third visit of the GE warranty repair person. Before I stick a piece of C4 in the fridge and blow it up....

I have a call into my attorney to see about the "lemon laws" and if they apply to appliances... Next time I'll wait for the brand and model I really want and just eat every meal out until it arrives. But that will leave me less money for camera acquisitions. I guess modern life really is a series of compromises.

Shrugs shoulders. Now heading to the gym.