Summer's over. Time to get back to work.

I'll admit it.  I get a little lazy during the Summer.  It's nice to spend time at the pool and the lake.  Nice to BBQ at will and mix blenders full of daiquiri's. Cold Sauvignon Blancs around the a table full of salads and finger food.  I just wanted to say, "Bye" to Summer with one of my favorite portrait/swimming cross over images.  Jen with goggles.

Done in the studio against a warm, gray backdrop.  One giant softbox to one side (you can see the reflections in her eyes.  And one small softbox gently grading the background.  The long lens on the MF camera does the trick for ultra smooth transistions and, of course, much interpretation in the printing phase.  But the most important piece of equipment in the whole studio was the spritzer bottle filled with warm, warm water.

We're booking up portraits like crazy this Fall and it seems that everyone is looking for beautiful monochromes with delicate tonalities and wonderful eyes.  Fortunately I have that kinda figured out.  I'm pushing hard to do more and more portraits.  Love em.   Daytime, evenings, weekends.  Can't get enough.  But in the studio, mostly.   Not a big fan of shooting in the bluebonnets or with urban alleys in the background.

Remember the motto, "Fun portraits are better portraits."