Robin Wong's blog today. You must see it.


This is amazing, powerful and wonderful work. This is the kind of work that still gives photography relevance and meaning.  Robin is an inspiration.  I wish him and the people of Malaysia freedom, security and peace.


Ed Lara said...

Thanks for sharing Robin's blog entry. Brings back memories of my covering the People Power revolt in my native Philippines back in '86. We wish Robin and all of Malaysia well.

kirk tuck said...

It's a critical time. I hope more and more people document their stuggles.

Robin Wong said...

Thanks for sharing this on your blog, Kirk. This means a lot to me, all I wanted was to spread the awareness to the world. I appreciate your kind words on my photography work, though I must admit I wished I could have been brave enough to walk to the front line when things got messy (when the police fired the tear gas and used the water canon with chemical laced water). I suddenly remembered your post "the passion is in the risk", but I just could not bring myself out there. I guess it I am only human, and the human side of me prioritized safety over everything else.

Tony's Vision said...

Robin, the quality off your photographs did the job of spreading the word by catching Kirk's eye who passed them on. We are pretty insular here in the US, but your efforts helped me and I'm sure many others become aware of both the issues and the delights off Malaysia.

Rene said...

I've been following Robin's blog for several months now. He's a very skilled street photographer, so it's worth a look back at some of his previous posts. If you are at all interested in the Olympus OMD, then read his multi-part review which is a real hands-on user review similar to what Kirk does here.

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