Go see my post about EVFs over at The Online Photographer. Please.


It's a fairly long article about why I use EVFs and why I think they will be the future of camera designs going forward.  You might as well get to know them.....

 But you've got to have the "skull and cross bones" strap.  That makes it all official.


  1. A good read. As a recent EVF convert I am grateful that you are sharing experiences from real world use, especially in your professional work. So much more meaningful than lab tests. Thank you!

  2. Since getting an EVF based camera a decade ago (Minolta d7) I knew that eventually they would be the future as the ability of them to show in real time the effect of exposure and the loss of the mechanics of a moving mirror would have great value. At the time it was far from perfect though and the camera had issues such as the screen not keeping up with movement of the camera. This has been fixed now and I do find using the screens on my EP1 and GX100 to be quite pleasurable and it is great that I have a good idea of what in the final photograph will be with regards to exposure, I quite like using the rear screen as I trip the shutter before the cam is any place near my eye. Alas I have returned to using film as my primary medium so it is somewhat a moot point.

  3. The next time you write a piece for TOP try to cover a relevant subject like trebuchet design.


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