Street Musicians and their dog.

They played with an ernest honesty. 
I put a few dollars in their case.  I liked the way 
their little dog "owned" the violin case.
It's a rough way to earn a living.
I wish them good luck.

Techno-Babble: Sony a77 with adapted Hasselblad 80mm lens. ISO 50. Lightly post processed in SnapSeed.


Ron Preedy said...

I hate, well: dislike, poor street musicians. But I love good ones. Here in Germany, many Russian musicians 'downsized' by lack of funding for state or municipal orchestras come here in the summer and plax. Most of them are terrific.

In a small town near here, I once listened with enormous pleasure to a performance of Pachelbel's Canon on an accordion which was stunning in its virtuosity.

He deserved every one of the several hundred cents I dropped.

I always feel there is something mediaeval about good street musicians: they're a time machine ...

Peter B said...

You always ask your readers to use the amazon links on the site, but I can't find them anywhere. What's the secret?

Kirk Tuck, Photographer/Writer said...

Peter, because of my aversion to overt capitalism I rarely put any real ads on the blogs but any of the links sprinkled through the articles will take you to Amazon. For example, in the recent post on books, if there is colored link in the text and you click on it it links you to Amazon. If you click on one of the little descriptor boxes it will also get you there. I don't have any free floating links outside the actual blogs. Thanks very much for asking. I guess I should add a link in the sidebar.

PhotED said...

The Hasselbald lens + Sony sensor combo provides some really amazingly sharp detail and beautifully-rendered colors. Thanks for these.

Peter B said...

Yes, Kirk. A link in the sidebar would be great. I often plan to buy something unrelated to your column topics at odd times. A link in the sidebar would allow me to split my orders between TOP and VSL. Thanks for your blog. I find it very stimulating.