My camera likes to shoot bright colors. And optimistic visual propaganda..

I like the juxtaposition of the wide shot of the alley way with the building in the background in the top shot and the close up arrangement of flowers and beads in the bottom shot.  I wasn't away of the vertical blue in each shot until I edited the images later.

These were taken within minutes of each other downtown at the Pecan Street Festival this afternoon.  In each case I used a Sony a77 camera, liberally "pre-chimping" and using the same 35mm 1.8 Sony DT lens.  Nothing was planned.  It's all happenstance.


  1. Kirk, love the top photograph, the contrast of the blue and its texture against the dark and drab alleyway.

  2. I actually love both. And your camera loves those colors, really.

  3. Love the pair together! If you hadn't said so I'd have thought you shot them that way intentionally.


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