Yes, it's true. I shoot my lamb chops on the floor.

Several years ago I was commissioned to write an article for Tribeza Magazine about four different Mexican restaurants in Austin with four vastly different approaches to that cuisine. The grande dame of both fine Mexican dining and just flat out "fine dining" is without a doubt Fonda San Miguel.  A superb restaurant with a world class art collection on display, a dining room that is world class art, and food that crosses over genres effortlessly.

While the other restaurants presented me with their variations of enchiladas and chile relleƱos the chef at Fonda San Miguel led with this plato of wonderful, delicate, moist lamb chops accompanied by a side of savory scalloped sweet potatoes. We were working in a sun drenched atrium and the floor was a perfect color complement to the food.

I like setting up lights and making a spectacle when I'm shooting.....sometimes. But there's also a time to just calm down, use what is at hand and let the subject do the talking.

Nikon D2X. 16-85mm.


Craig Yuill said...

Your use of the floor doesn't surprise me, and was good thinking on your part. Several years ago I bought a book called "The Secrets of Studio Still Life Photography" by Gary Perweiler. He frequently shot items on tiles similar to these ones. Since many counters and tables are tiled, but for your admission, who would have known these were on a floor?

I noted with interest your use of the 16-85mm Nikon lens for this shot. Is that the same one as the "high-end" kit lens? I have one and like it very much.

Kirk Tuck said...

The same. It was a very good lens, as was the 70-300mm of the same generation.

Craig Yuill said...

I have the 70-300 too. A great walkabout telezoom. My dear wife bought me a D7000 and those two lenses as a very extravagent Christmas gift last year. I've been very impressed with the photos I've gotten with this gear.