Just a little teaser... I take temporary possession of an Olympus EP-5, with VF-4 and Leica 25mm tomorrow for testing....

Kirk in a round mirror with an early Pen digital camera....


  1. Quite curious which lens you mean, cause Leica never made 25mm lens for R or M. And lens on your borrowed EP-5 looks quite "retro".

    If you mean new 25/1.4 than thats pretty good lens, even with bit of Leica sparkle.

    1. That's not an EP-5 in the accompanying image. Looks to me to be an E-PL1 which most definitely sporting a vintage lens which I cannot identify.

      I'm assuming the "Leica 25mm" Kirk is referring to is the Panasonic/Leica 25mm f/1.4.

  2. Well, consider me teased.
    I am enjoying my EP3 and am thinking about getting the VF-2. I hear the VF4 is amazing, but I cant really justify the $ over the VF2.
    Thanks for the blog, it'a always a good read! I look forward to hearing your thoughts about the new treat.

  3. You are a brave man, Kirk. Judging from you previous record, you will be buying one soon...

  4. Me thinks you're only teasing yourself. It's tempting. The only potential fly in the ointment would be the focus peaking which I've read needs more horsepower in order to be as good as Sony's standard bearers. Have fun!

  5. I will be very interested to hear your opinion of this combination - I have an E-M5 and E-P3 (plus some older Panasonic bodies), and several lenses. The 25mm is a superb lens IMHO. The Pens are great, and the new EVF sounds outstanding, but as I only ever use the E-P3 without the EVF when I forget to take it with me, I really find the E-M5 is actually more convenient.

  6. Looks like you and Mike Johnston got one for testing at the same time, only he has the 17 1.8 kit.

  7. nice... i just picked up one of the canon eosm with the 22mm prime on some sort of fire sell... it is great fun... so tiny for an aps-c camera... looking forward to your views on the ep5...


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