My down time in the fabulous city of Denver. With my little point and shoot camera. The one with the really nice sensor and the great 30mm lens....

Denver Federal Court Building. Camera: Samsung NX 300 with kit zoom.

When I wasn't in front of the cameras yakking or getting instruction about my content and delivery from my producer I was walking around downtown Denver with my little Samsung NX 300 shooting random shots. These (the courthouse stuff) are from early on Friday morning, before my first call. I love stacking pillars like this. The camera and kit lens generate really nice Jpeg files and the built in lens profiles seem to go a long way toward ensuring some geometric sanity to the images.

The long end of the zoom.

I am coming to grips with not having an EVF (though I would prefer one). I took the Samsung NX 300 along with me because it's small and light and the system I have is self-limited. I only have two batteries and two lenses so I wouldn't be able (when packing) to capitulate to my own weakness for gear and pack all the lenses and bodies I could stuff into one bag. As it is, after 675 images, I am still on the initial battery charge...with three of four bars still showing. I guess I just don't chimp much anymore. One look to make sure we're on target and then blaze away...

The camera performed really well on this trip. I've gotten used to the operation to the point that making changes is now transparent. The AF is amazingly accurate and the overall operation of the camera is much "crisper" than the operation of any other mirrorless camera I've tried. If the shutter were as beautiful sounding as the EP5....and I could get an optional EVF...I'm not sure I'd need to shoot with anything else.

Also, since the camera was given to me I have a very insouciant attitude to it and I'm not babying it. Thus far it laughs at any of the indignities I've tossed its way.

My goal now? To go to Korea and visit the plant where they design these cameras and do a project photographing and interviewing the prime movers in the camera division. I want to see what makes the camera designers tick..... My target date? How about a plant tour in early October?


  1. Well, I would surely like seeing how these are invented and made. And would like if Samsung cared a bit more about their 0,7% of photographic goodness.

  2. really enjoy the 30mm and nx300 combo - also great to see the results of your trip capture the type of shots I try and get but rarely get close to what you show here.
    I must take more photos, learn more and practice/practice/practice

  3. Very nice pics. The nx300 is for sure the best ilc out there. I've been using it for almost three months and is so much better than nex, eos-m or any 4/3. If you go to Samsung, please ask them to make a rangefinder like model, same as the nx300, but with an evf on one side. The evf should be higher res than the one on nx20, though. Also the buffer needs a massive improvement, since it's the only weak point of the 300.

  4. Please ask samsung to produce a rangefinder like body, same as nx300 but with an evf in one corner. The evf should be higher res than the one in nx20, though. Please also tell them to improve the buffer, it's the only thing lacking in nx300, which otherwise is, imo, the best ilc in the market.

  5. I was interested in Samsung about 3+ years ago. If Canon or Nikon had invented i-function feature Obama would have given them a Nobel Prize. Evidently user interface is one of the best around. Quite nice primes perhaps as good or better than Fuji. But they have just totally missed the mark with camera design and most likely over pixeled sensor. What is #1 selling ILC ... the Nikon V1. I'm 54, live in Sunny FLA & absolutely need that sexy 1.4 million pixel evf. Now they come out with Galaxy NX -- camera looks like creator of famous ALIENS movie's made it. Samsung ... you wish you could envision & dream like Fuji.

    1. Brooks, I respect your Samsung critique but let's leave the politics for the Huffington Post site. our president is not in charge of handing out Nobel prizes. the Volvo country does that....

    2. More like EU does that now.. and last time EU gave EU.. um.. Nobel price for peace. :D

      I agree on that EVF thing, its nice to have (NX20 does have it btw.).

  6. Really admire the first two images above, especially the second.

    I'm sure it's the photographer more than the camera, but the one labeled "The long end of the zoom" is striking. Was that made holding the camera at arm's length? Or using the sun-shield loupe?

  7. Glad you enjoyed your time in my hometown. Come back anytime!

  8. Don't mean to confuse this much loved blog with DPR, but NEX DR is still (quite) better. Just me saying...

  9. Kirk,

    Full time working pro here. I just made the jump and went with the NX300. The files are amazing and it's hard to explain it just feels good in the hand and files just look right. As a bonus my back, shoulders and elbow LOVE me now. That little 30mm f2 is a true gem. This camera is totally under the radar and other than no viewfinder it has no reason to be.

    When I was looking into this camera I came across your site with sample shots and loved what I saw. Not long after I purchased....thanks and happy shooting!



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