Some Kirk Tuck, Visual Science Lab News.

first up: The Visual Science Lab has just published its 1600th blog post.
That's one thousand, six hundred. That's a lot of words and pictures.
We hope that you've enjoyed it.
Please stick around.

Second up: Those who know me personally know that I'm an overly 
protective and involved father. So, I just wanted to share that 
Ben has survived having all four of his wisdom teeth removed 
and is doing well but tiring of a diet of smoothies, yogurt, 
ice cream and mashed potatoes. 
I am thrilled he's doing well.

Third up: I am anxious to share what I've been up to with my trip to 
Denver, CO. and am waiting to discuss with my corporate 
partners just how to handle any announcements. I'll be 
conferencing on Thurs. and hope to announce some 
fun news, in depth, on Friday.

Fourth up: I hope you saw my announcement that another image of ours
has been published by the New York Times. This is our fifth image for 
Zach to grace their pages (or website) and we're proud to have 
been part of Zach's national stature. We've been the 
production photography resource for the Theatre for
nearly 20 years and have seen so much growth.
It's one of Austin's unsung resources.

Finally: While I am writing reviews of the Olympus EP-5 and 
also covering the Samsung NX 300 I wanted to remind everyone 
that the cameras are always secondary to the thrill of just being  
in the mix of life and taking wonderful images.
If it's daytime outside your window and you happen to 
have a browser window open to Amazon or B&H
you might consider just putting that computer to sleep and 
heading outside with whatever camera you have at 
hand and having yourself an adventure.

My solution is always to find a beautiful friend and make some 
pictures. You'll end up liking the experience better 
than shopping.....

 One last announcement for today: In order to increase traffic to the blog I am changing my name to Kirk "Kardashian" Tuck and subtly insinuating/flat out stating that I'm in a relationship with Madonna but may be cheating on her with BeyoncĂ© Knowles. Also, I am switching camera systems to Holga.

Nighty night.


  1. Ha! Absolutely love the b&w swimmer portrait!

  2. wait, haven't you always been using Holgas? (Just kidding...)

  3. Holga? Well, look at it this way; you can get a 120 and be in medium format heaven. All for less than half a Benjamin.

  4. Decades ago I was told that my wisdom teeth should be removed "because they will cause you problems in the future."

    I declined. The future is now and problem free.

    On the other hand, my son's wisdom teeth were extracted under the same conditions and he is problem free as well.

  5. Kirk, you may moderate this comment from appearing on the blog, it's your call. One thing I've always noticed about Jennifer's swim goggles picture, her hair past her ears appears dry, not wet. Just my eye for detail at times. Better as it is anyway, limp wet hair in the background would not make as good an overall image.

    Keep up the hard work and sharing your thoughts.

  6. "Kardashian" right? Bad choice!
    That's the only chance this word is going to survive history...
    TUCK is in it's way to become legendary.
    A few more billions hits and it's done.
    Well, it's history now.

    congrats anyway.

    Ps. RED ALERT: There is no coming back...?...


  7. Who knew Bouncy's (Beyonce's) last name, not me.


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