Yes. Here's the loupe I wrote about yesterday...

It works well. Works on any number of cameras and, if I was trying to do video on a DSLR I'd have one in a hot minute. Wait, I already do have one. It's bolted to my Pentax....so I can shoot some video... Found out that the base of the connector plate is compatible with some Arca Swiss quick release plates. Who knew? You can get it at Amazon for about $120.

Here's the link: Great, Cheap Loupe.

Have fun seeing your LCD better.

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  1. Cool! How does it work with the NX300?

  2. Hey Alex, It works great. That was the first camera I tried it on and the guys at the both fitted it to the 300 and adjusted all the stuff for me. No gaps! It's really a nice finder.

  3. Thanks, Kirk! I assume it will fit the NX200 as well. I like to use old Mamiya 645 lenses, but on the NX20 they have some green tint on one side of the frame. No tint on the NX200, but focusing handheld is a pain (although I did and with great results). This thing maybe the solution, and I like its very technical and nerdy look :)

  4. I have a swivi that I used with my K-01. It is superb or the Pentax.

    The blind is used to protect the LCD from the magnified light through the eyepiece loup.

    I think it superb for tripod work with the K-01. It can be adapted to the Pentax Q if a small arca plate with a tripod socket is placed between the Q and the Swivi mounting bracket.

    for use with most live view cameras hand held, I have come to prefer the Clearviewer.


    they are custom made for each camera, available in versions for the tripod socket or the shoe.

    They have options for different loups and different tripod screws that have embeded tripod sockets.

    The Tripod mount version folds for storage against the LCD (there is a protective bumper to prevent screen scratches).

    I use it with my Q .


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