Bricks and Mortar Camera Stores Dying? I Don't Think So... Not in Austin.


People want to shop local. But they want merchants to keep up with the times. ATMTX Blog shows what a camera store can be. Go read about it.

Almost everything here came from Precision Camera. The only exceptions are the two Pen lenses and the Fotodiox lens adapter...

disclosure: I do not work for Precision Camera and have received no product, money or promise of either in exchange for this blog post. 

I hurt my brain writing yesterday's blog so I thought I'd give my brain a day off.

...And share some of my favorite, old, previously published blog links. These are blogs about gear or about the idea of gear that are among my favorites. If you've been here for the long haul you've probably already read them. Some are dated. Some are prophetic and some less so. Just wanted to share while letting my cerebral cortex spin in neutral....

Some of my favorite "GEAR" posts…