Travel Broadens the mind?

Kirk with toys. Photo: Amy Smith

Travel. I love arriving but I hate the process. Travel is different than a journey. A journey carries with it the idea of adventure, an open ended itinerary and leisure. Business travel means long lines, tight deadlines and cramped seating.

I am heading to Denver, CO. this afternoon and I will be there until late Sunday. While there I'll be working, diligently, on educational programming having to do with photography. We'll see how I do on the other side of the camera...or more precisely, the video cameras...

I am not taking a laptop but I am taking my iPad. I'll check e-mail and do basic stuff but I have no intention of trying to write blogs or otherwise keep up with the Visual Science Lab until I return. I think my producers have me booked far too tightly for that. If possible I'll jump in and moderate comments each day. 

I'm reticent to talk about the project I'm working on until it launches but I think it has lots of potential and I feel lucky to be involved at the level I am.

I hope everyone has maximum fun during my hiatus. There are nearly 1500 blog posts to wade through if you are new to the site. Some are fun.

Thank you for reading what I write here every day and thanks for you patience when we make (hopefully temporary) changes to sand off the rough edges of the human interface. 

One more note: I'm playing with the idea of doing a "hang out" on Google+ just to meet VSL readers and talk about photography. If you are interested please start adding me and each other to your circles so we can invite each other. Also, if you are a daily reader please consider becoming a "follower" of the blog. It's nice to see that number grow. We're at 1193 right now. My rather symmetrical mental construction pines to see an even number. Maybe 1200. Or, fancifully, 2,000.
Speaking of metrics VSL is averaging 20,000+ pageviews a day.  On particularly contentious days we peak up near 35,000 pageviews. When I write reviews of micro four thirds gear it spikes even higher. 

My friend, Frank, got his EP-5 with VF-4 finder last week and has generously offered to loan it to me for evaluation on my return. Here's my first blush with the camera: Oh My God! The shutter sounds incredible. Really incredible. (as in: I'd buy it just for the shutter). The body feels much better than the OMD EM-5 and the finder rivals the EVF in my big Sony. I'm already falling for it...stay tuned.