A computer progress report.

The 27 inch iMac arrived on schedule last Thurs. All programs migrated successfully from previous machine with the exception of Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop Application. This is the little program that serves as the gate keeper for updating and loading new software. It's also a key piece of Adobe's security for managing authorized and unauthorized users. When we finally got everything loaded up there was a little red triangle on the tool bar icon that caught my eye.

I was able to open and use all my Adobe software but I figured I needed to take care of this. I spent over an hour with a very impatient support person from Adobe trying to figure out why the program wouldn't load correctly. We finally escalated and the problem was resolved by going through the hard drive and removing every single piece of Adobe software, running Adobe Installer Cleaner, booting up in safe mode, running disk permissions, re-booting, and then re-installing all of the Adobe software. I am happy to report that everything is up and running well.

The machine is much faster than the one it replaces. The screen is four inches bigger and has not seen the ravages of time that my old, faithful cinema screen survived. The new screen is much sharper and is much easier to calibrate. I timed the two computers running a folder of DXO raw file conversions and the new machine is at least twice as fast. I am also now able to open and work on 4K files without hesitation in Final Cut Pro X. This is a nice thing.

The one issue I have with the new computer and the new, jumbo sized screen is that watching movies from Netflix has become so much more fun that I may quit working and just catch up on all the movies I have missed.

Unlike cameras, now that I've done the replacement and gotten everything squared away, all desire for anything computer appliance-y has faded back into its usual, very low level stasis.  To all those who wrote to tell me that I could have gotten the same performance for about $50 if I had built my own windows based machine I can only say that, while I may be very eccentric, I am happy to pay the extra $1750 for the beautiful design. After all, if history is a guide, I'll be looking at it every day for the next four or five years....


  1. An overlooked feature of the iMac (at least for me) is the great built-in camera that allows me to take a break from work and Skype with my daughter. I am thinking this would be a great thing in the Fall.

  2. Congrats on the Mac. I 'upgraded' to a 27" iMac with SSD in August, from an old Mac Pro tower with an ancient 23" Cinema Display. It's been a beautiful experience.... Except for Adobe's Cloud BS. With the old CS system, i had apps that i used and upgraded as i pleased/needed. Now, it's all up to them. I really don't care about or need any of the little incremental updates they provide. And, the newest "2014" CC thing is just fraught with problems. Only some of those apps properly updated to 2014 versions, and even those don't work completely, as settings and prefs just won't migrate — even though they attempt to each time I launch.... Ugh.

    The worst issue with CC, though, is that blasted Login thing/App Manager. About two months ago, the Adobe login servers 'went down.' Seems innocuous, but what that meant to subscribers is that if you didn't have a particular app already open and running, it Would Not Open/Start for three days. I, for instance, could not use InDesign for those three BUSINESS DAYS, during which i had client deadlines....

    You're right. Adobe Customer Service reps were ridiculous. Ineffective, mis-/ill-informed. Surly.

    Keep your apps open and pray.

  3. Already got the anonymous post telling me that Apple is now just a phone maker and that the iMac (or by extension any of their computers) are good enough for the Apple "faithful" but....

    I deleted it as spam. I don't care one way or another but I don't need to get into arguments about whether well designed gear has additional value or whether a better operating system has more value. These are computers, not religions. Don't like Apple product? Don't buy them.

    No computer holy wars here. We already know what we like. Thanks.

  4. Have you actually found any commercial applications for 4K video? I would love to buy a GH4 but can afford a used GH3. Besides the 4K video what else am I giving up? My ideal camera would be something that has IBIS, micro 4/3rd's and has a built in microphone jack. Something that I have not been able to find yet.

  5. Kirk, just curious, how much RAM did you get ? I'm close to buying one myself.

  6. North Point = 16 GB. Seems quite fast to me.

  7. Eric, I haven't come across a commercial application but I have done a few small projects with downsample 4k footage and it does look a bit sharper and more detailed. Not enough to prevent me from still getting heavy use out of a GH3.

    Also, I wrote an article recently about why you might not want to have IBIS for video. Go look at it before you decide on that as a "must have" feature. I love the GH3. It's a great video production camera. I still have two.

  8. On the design decision I see your point exactly. Ten years since iMac one piece design & first white then aluminum. Windows camp still has an "any color you like as long as it's black" attitude.


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