If you're going to use an umbrella you might want to go big...

I like big umbrellas. 
I used two of them today. 
The one above is a Fotodiox 72 inch white/black model. 

The one below is an ancient Balcar
Zebra umbrella. It's 60 inches in diameter
and has alternating white and silver panels. 

Both are wonderful modifiers for flattering portraits. 
You know, the kind that sell.

On location this morning at Austin Radiological.

If you are going to go big you may as well put some power
behind those lights. 1100 watt second Elinchrom 
light producing machine. Lovely.


  1. Hey Kirk, I thought you sold the Elinchroms, mimimalist lighting and all that...



  2. Dale, I tried selling the Elinchrom Ranger RX AS and two heads but there were no takers. I decided it would be more fun to keep the battery limber and use it for stuff than to let this noble unit decay in the corner. Wanna buy a bitching good light at a reasonable price? Got any cameras you want to trade?

    Minimalism? That was last decade....


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