Book Notes. Getting a fresh copy of The Lisbon Portfolio.

Just a few notes about the novel. It's selling well despite the fact that our first version had too many typos and some inconsistencies. The vast majority of the glaring faults have been corrected with help from VSL reader, Michael Matthews (good eye!) and design elbow grease from Belinda. If you buy the Kindle book from Amazon.com today you will be getting the latest version. But if you bought and downloaded the book a week ago you probably got the first version. But don't worry, it's a pretty easy fix.

The neat thing about Kindle books (app available free for all kinds of tablets, laptops, regular computers and even phones....) is that a book becomes upgradable. Like firmware its content can be updated by the author and re-downloaded by users. In order to get a fresh version here's what you need to do:

Go to your account on Amazon.com and click on: Manage Your Content & Devices. Once that page comes up you'll see three different headers. One says, "Your Content", one says, "Your Devices" and the tab on the right hand side says, "Settings." You want to go to "Settings."

Once you are in settings scroll down to a selection that says, Automatic Book Update. By default this is off. You should turn it on. It lets you upload the latest version of a title that you've bought but may have subsequently deleted from your device. The default to "off" is for people who have done detailed annotations of books and who do not want to lose those changes by getting a new version...

Once you've made those changes go back to your device and delete the current book. (DO NOT DELETE THE BOOK IN THE "YOUR CONTENT" SECTION OF YOUR ACCOUNT PAGE ON AMAZON OR YOU WILL LOSE THE BOOK UNTIL YOU PAY FOR IT AGAIN!!!!!). Then head back to the cloud on your device and download the book again. This will be the new version. 

Thank you to all the hundreds of people who've purchased the Lisbon Porfolio and a special, extra thanks to the people who've gone to Amazon here in the states and in the U.K. to leave reviews. While most of the reviews are currently five stars even the three star reviews (generally nicking the typos) usually end with, "But all that aside the story is really fun and I'm already waiting for the next book."

For everyone who doesn't like reading on an electronic device we will have the paperback version up on Amazon shortly and it will have all the corrections of the current e-copy. The book comes in at around 480 pages. It should be fun. I am ordering a case. You know what I'll be giving out over the holidays.....

Thank you, Kirk


Ted Phillips said...

Hi Kirk
I enjoyed your book very much & I didn’t want it to end. I loved the Henry White character, very refreshing. I thought after reading your book it might be interesting for you to know who some of your blog followers are. I have an engineering background in building construction & have traveled for the last 20 years to inspect & write reports on damaged building with photographs of course.
I have followed your blog since early in 2012 but I have never commented. You changed my direction with cameras at that time with your writing about the EPL2. I had been a Canon shooter & was going to France with my wife to visit her sister & brother in law. We would be traveling by train & very small car & the Canon was just too big & heavy for that type of traveling. I purchased an Olympus EPL2, 20mm Panasonic & 9-18 Olympus. What a feeling of freedom & the photos quality amazed me. I now have an Olympus EM5 but unfortunately the 2 lenses were stolen when I lived in Uruguay. They were replaced with a Panasonic 25 1.4 & now the Olympus 12-40 2.8. I’m very happy that I made the switch! I also shoot some medium format film, old shooters can’t quite give it up.
Thanks for your efforts they are very much appreciated,
Ted Phillips

Kirk Tuck said...

Hi Ted,

Thank you very much for taking the time to write. I'm so happy you liked the novel. I love the feedback because it makes me feel as though all the hard work and time is not unappreciated.

I love the smaller cameras for so many thing. I'm playing with the EM-5's right now and find them competent and ........ adorable.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Tuck, I have been a long time action adventure book fan. I read everything from Vince Flynn to Ian Fleming and I wanted to tell you that I loved your character Henry White better than any of them. It's because he is believable!

Please keep writing and get the second book out as fast as you can. I want to read it.