I now have two white cameras. The latest one is a Samsung NX 3000.

The latest Samsung, the NX 3000.

I am a member of the Samsung Imageloggers. It's a fun group. We have a secret handshake and we meet in secret with the Illuminati to plan a new world order. Well that's not strictly true. We have no secret handshake, or at least not one they've let me in on. And I just made that up about our affiliation with the Illuminati. Really. 

So, the Imagelogger program consists (in the U.S.A.) of about 50 photo enthusiast from various walks of life who get cameras from Samsung and then go out and shoot them and evaluate them and post images to the Imagelogger website as examples of what the various cameras are capable of delivering in the real world. In the hands of a diverse group of photographers. So far I've shot with the NX300 (a great little camera that only needed the addition of EVF capability to be superb), the Samsung Galaxy NX camera, the NX30, which is a shot across the bow of mirror less DSLR style cameras from Olympus and Panasonic (good body size, great lenses, bigger sensor, decent EVF, nice IQ), and a strange little camera that fell pretty far outside my user profile and my demographic = the NX Mini. Designed to be the ultimate "selfie" camera and the first Samsung NX with a 1 inch sensor. Now I've received the NX 3000 which immediately made me think, "NX 300 - Lite." By that I mean the build is more plastic and less metal, the external controls are simplified and the damn thing is white!  (In all fairness the camera is widely available in brown and black finishes as well).

The reason I am calling it an NX300 lite is that it packs the same imaging performance in. While the imaging sensor doesn't feature the phase detection AF of its bigger brother its color, sharpness and 20 megapixel resolution match up. The reason this camera exists has to be the price-to-performance ratio. The package with a (darn good) 16-50mm power zoom lens and the tiny, vestigial flash comes in at around $500. What you are getting for that price is a very, very good, APS-C sensor coupled with a well designed 24mm to 75mm equivalent zoom lens. The lens also does image stabilization.

 I just got the camera two days ago and I'm posting a bunch of photographs that I took on my walk yesterday morning and let you see what I saw. The camera feels good and the interface performance is good.

I was going to get all snarky about the white color of the camera until I walked with it in the hot sun and the camera stayed cool and manageable. Made me think past tradition to practicality.

Here's a short list of what the camera is all about: 
=20 megabyte, APS-C sensor. 
=Works with all current NX lenses.
=1080 at 30p video. 
=Front face-able selfie screen.
=NFC and Wi-fi connectivity.
=Wink mode for self portraits (no. I did not make that up. See = "Narcissism" in the DSM-IV).
=Standard hot shoe for flash.
=Small flash comes with every camera kit.

Here's what the NX3000 lacks:
=unnecessary weight.
=multiple control dials.
=EVF or the ability to add an EVF.
=touch screen capabilities.

I spent an hour walking and shooting around Barton Springs and Lady Bird Lake yesterday.  This is not a "work" camera, this is a "take everywhere and not worry about it camera" or a "hand it to the kids/spouse/stranger/friend and let them take photos" without a massive tutorial session. 

One more thing: I really like the lens and will almost immediately pull it off the NX 3000 and put it on the more capable NX30 for some more serious walking around photography. They should be a good match. Well, that camera is black and the lens is white but I think you know what I meant about the match.....