Portrait of Sarah. On a lovely film from Agfa. XPS 160. Designed especially for portraits.

This is one of my favorite portraits because I like the lighting and the expression on Sarah's face. The quality of light is meaningful to me but the actual gear used to accomplish it is not. I love the dance, I'm not really interested right now in deconstructing the dancing shoes...

In other news, it was 85 degrees here in Austin today, setting a new record high for the 31st of January. I spent the day in shorts and flip flops. The trees are starting to bud. The grass is green and lush. I love taking portraits I just don't love the cameras right now.


Wolfgang Lonien said...


Anonymous said...

Lovely! I like the light. And I like her expression, which of course is enhanced by the appropriate lighting. Lovely.

Carlo Santin said...

That lighting is beautiful, as is that film. Terrific portrait. Same problem here, I've been extremely uninspired by new cameras. There isn't a single new camera out there that makes me want to spend my money...and I have it to spend. I've been obsessed with single focal length cameras lately, so maybe one of those for fun. Probably not though. I need a new flash and some led lighting so that's where I'll probably spend some money.

Anonymous said...

Lovely photo and lady Kirk. Of course by today's "NET" standards her eyes are not nearly sharp enough! Yeah, right!

Bruce Bodine

Kurt Friis Hansen said...

Remember to look around and behind you from time to time, when you're "out and about". The Camera ManUfacturers Guild (CMUG) will surely hate you after this!

I love your text - and especially the examples.

Kind regards
Kurt Friis Hansen