Hot color day. Various cameras.

Sometimes it's fun to shoot color for color's sake. When the skies are clean and blue and the sun is direct the saturation and color purity makes me want to grab a camera and get outside. Science tells us that the act of taking long walks is a booster for our cognitive processes and creates a sense of optimism and well being. Doing these walks with a camera over one shoulder is an amplifier of these effects. I recommend a daily dose. The happiest photographers I know are the ones who are always engaged in some aspect of their process, from the walk to the edit, it's all good. 


  1. Kirk,

    Nice colors. Those photos are the perfect antidote for the steady rain today in upstate New York. Bella the beauty may have to walk herself today.


  2. Thanks Fred! I'm amazed to hear how little snow you guys have had and how warm it is up your way. Must be more like Spring that winter. I'm sure another resident of the area I know would much prefer to have snow, snow, snow. After all, he got three or four sleds for his birthday last Fall and still no chance to use them.

  3. Great post! Here in Connecticut it has been like spring! We've been doing a lot of long walks in the woods and even mountain biking. I'm not even griping about the snow as I've only had to run the snowblower twice.

    I mainly concentrate on my product photography, but I love to get out and about. Being somewhat dissatisfied with my old 4/3 camera I decided to try out mirrorless. Of course, the first thing to check out is WWKTD. I now am the proud owner of a lightly used OMD. Well, as you have been saying for years, this viewfinder is so special.

    I bought the 12-40 as a package with the M1. I think it's going to work out perfectly for product photography. I'm looking forward to further exploring here to find out what "art" lenses are interesting to you.

    Yay, another excuse to get out and explore! Thank you!



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