Portraits of two Texas based photographers. Both quite accomplished in their fields.

Michael O'Brien. 

James Evans.

Both O'Brien and Evans are famous in gallery and photographic circles. Both have had several books of their work published and both are working in Texas. O'Brien, here in Austin and Evans, in the small west Texas Town of Marathon.  This is what they look like to me.


Carlo Santin said...

Really enjoying all the portraits you've been posting. Love them all. Much more enjoyable than talking about the latest camera.

Anthony Bridges said...

Thanks for posting the portraits. They are always good to see.

I succumb to gear lust like most photographers. However, I enjoy viewing portraits from a talented photographer more. Followed your advice some time back and picked up a couple of books from Richard Avedon and Annie Leibovitz at the library. Very enriching as a photographer.

Murray Davidson said...


"Firm" is part of what I read from / into these. I'm curious / intrigued -- did they share your view of them (i.e., did they see themselves the way you see them)?

amolitor said...

What I learned today is that very very small changes in camera height can change the character of a portrait, if not completely, at least substantially.