This was not shot with a FujiFilm X-Pro-2.

It was not cropped from the original.

It was not converted in software to "monotone".

The background was not "dropped in".

Her face was not retouched (or reconfigured) in Portrait Professional.

There was no "frame rate".

Nothing was profiled.

But we did have fun making the shot. "We" means me and the subject.

Happy Friday!


ch said...

Like the image!


Anonymous said...

Great portrait,

Anonymous said...

Ah, Kirk, SEO-bait with X-Pro-2 ?? How much traffic ? :)

Kirk Tuck said...

Dear Anonymous. Please note that we aren't currently interested in SEO. If we were the blog would be teaming with links to products as well as many, many display ads. We're just interested in sharing some ideas and some thoughts about current products. If you are truly interested in the traffic you can find several services on the web that will give you a good approximation of our daily traffic. Be sure to use a multiplier for all the people who read via RSS.

We have been inundated with Fuji info for the last days. This particular blog entry was made to point out that much good photography has already been done previous to the introduction of the new cameras.

Thank you for mentioning "X-pro-2" in your comment. I am sure we gained at least one person from your efforts.

Aubrey Silvertooth said...

I still like the square format. I loaded my Adox Golf with a roll of Ektar 100 after seeing this. If only it was as sharp as the lens used on this image. It is still fun to use. Just waiting for the rain to stop!