It's all in the wrist. Oh, and the lens.

Gosh, I love to light stuff. This looks like window light but it's really two tungsten lights, used correctly. One is being aimed through a six by six foot, white scrim used so close to the talent that it's almost in the frame. The other light is being used naked, aimed at a back wall about 50 feet behind our talent. Two simple, tungsten lights. Two one thousand watt bulbs. That, and a sturdy tripod. And a posing table. And a 105mm Nikon lens. And an ancient Kodak camera. It really is the lighting and the direction that make an image sing. Everything else is just photographic window dressing....

Image for print advertising campaign for Austin Lyric Opera. Back before we knew we needed more than 6 megapixels and enough dynamic range to do the job.

Need 50 megapixels? Yeah, right. Go home and work on your technique.

One of the original Craftsy Photo Classes and 
still one of the best! 

I met Lance a couple of weeks ago in Denver
and found him to be really fun and knowledgeable 
this class reflects what he teaches in hands-on
workshops in Ireland and Iceland, as well as 
cool places around the U.S.

How to make what we shoot into a cohesive
train of visual thought.


Anonymous said...

Nice portrait, beautifully lit. I always like it when you post behind the scenes shots of the lighting set ups... Even if it just makes me envious of the amount of space you have. I'm normally expected to work fast, in gloomy cramped spaces with available light... For free (it's a side aspect of my work).


Daniel Walker said...

So if you are a 43 shooter, with good glass and proper technique a 16 meg sensor will yield you just as good 13x19 prints as a full frame or am I reaching too far?

Anonymous said...

Love the photo Kirk and gee nothing is razor sharp! You know the construction company I worked for all my working life used a well worn phrase from our founder "back to basics" and it really works as you have so amply demonstrated.

Bruce Bodine

Nate said...

Wait, my Nikon D40 isn't good enough!? I guess I'll have to dump my two 20"x30" prints. ;-)