Studio Dog is my co-pilot. Adventures in cars.

Studio Dog and I were out for a joy ride when we spied a roving band of renegade of squirrels. She insisted that we pull over and give chase but I outvoted her. I'd been to the hard, early workout today and didn't have the energy to fling open the car doors and give chase to small rodents. She was clearly miffed but we rode on. There were one or two other incidents in which Studio Dog could not believe my reticence to give proper chase. One included three lazy cats in a yard near a stop sign. "Easy pickings!!!" she exclaimed. I rolled through the stop sign and she sighed a resigned sort of sigh. One that clearly said, "Chicken."

We were out testing a new camera. I don't own it; I'm just borrowing for evaluation. It's the new 100 megabyte Sony RX10-3. ISO up to 400,000, 30 frames per second. 19 stops of dynamic range. Alternative dimension pixel arrays that yield pixel wells 10 microns across, in nano quant sublimated space. It also includes flea and tick euthanizing technology.

We chased a slow, fat, mailman, Pee'd on many, many things. Laughed, cried, and headed home for treats. It was a productive day. Not for civilization or photography but for general carousing.

It's a dog's life and I'm lucky to share it. Vote Terrier in the upcoming election... I'm afraid Studio Dog will insist on it.