Lighting a portrait should be subtle and delicate at times. Not obvious and showy all the time.

©2016 Kirk Tuck.

Some online classes that may be of interest to you:

One of the original Craftsy Photo Classes and 
still one of the best! 

I met Lance a couple of weeks ago in Denver
and found him to be really fun and knowledgeable 
this class reflects what he teaches in hands-on
workshops in Ireland and Iceland, as well as 
cool places around the U.S.

How to make what we shoot into a cohesive
train of visual thought.


Edward Richards said...

Is this Joyce Carol Oates? If not, there is a remarkable resemblance.

HBernstein said...

I love this portrait, the out of focus areas, the tonality and grain. Of the many beautiful ones that you've posted, this one is one of the very best.

Thanks for displaying it.