A Portrait of a Graphic Designer. In the studio on Westwood Terrace.

©Kirk Tuck

When I lose confidence in my abilities as a photographer
I run back to the very basics and start my 
education all over again. 

One light. One subject. 

Then I regain my footing. 

It would be so sad if we couldn't light people....


Anonymous said...

I tend to gravitate towards landscapes and such. But you sure do make portraits look interesting and rewarding. I especially enjoy seeing the portraits you have taken of your wife over the years. They represent a love of craft and a love of your life. Probably the best portraits one can make!

All The Best,

Anonymous said...

Hey Kirk, As I've progressed from my first introduction to film photography and the darkroom, 68 years ago, into all the wonders of digital I find myself enjoying getting back to simple/basics in photography.
Most recently - Square Format, Black & White. Free at Last, Free at Last, Free at Last. I very much enjoy your work and writings.

Ron Zack said...

Fantastic! One of your best lately.

Roland said...

it would be so sad if you didn't take her photo! wow! if you were in Vancouver, Canada I'd hire you to do our portraits! not sure i could afford you though!

ODL Designs said...

Lovely shot Kirk. Is that a recent picture?

Kirk Tuck said...

Within the last year or two.