I also like playing around with black and white conversions....

Celeste C.
©2017 Kirk Tuck.


Luke Miller said...

I do also. My studio shots are normally in color, but elsewhere I prefer B&W since it eliminates any distracting colors in my candid portraits and encourages the viewer to focus on the subject's eyes.

Phil Stiles said...

Is it my monitor settings? There's not much separation between hair/background, especially at the top.

Eric Rose said...

It's your monitor Phil. I like the look Kirk has achieved. The tonality on the face is beautiful.

amolitor said...

I love digital b&w.

I'm not really clever enough to manage color photographs, so anything "serious" tends to be black and white.

Being able to monkey around with the conversion in post lets me separate what ought be be separated, sometimes, if the gods want me to be able to separate them.

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