My first glitch with the GH5. Three corrupted files. Let's explore.

I got on a kick two days ago of using my GH5 and 42.5mm f1.7 lens as a kind of mini-Hasselblad. A nod to the old days of square format, black and white film. I set the camera to large, fine Jpegs, the aspect ratio to square and I went off the usual control freak script and engaged the little painter's palette setting on the control dial. In the "filter effect" menu I chose: Dynamic Monochrome.

As a side note I was happy to see that the camera offers an additional amount of control, offering: "Simultaneous record w/o filter". This setting will allow you to also record an unchanged file. Nice. 

Now I don't know if it's a fault of the camera or if the older, Transcend SDHC 32GB memory card was at fault but I got three different "damaged files" out of the hundreds I shot on the card, today and on Sunday. I've included them here.

In the 30,000+ images I've shot (mostly in raw or raw+Jpeg) these are the first glitches I've gotten. I've marked the body with a piece of tape and I'll keep checking it as I go along. My current thinking is that I tweaked the photo gods by recently writing about not having had a card failure in quite a number of years and they may be anxious to punish me quickly for my hubris.  Of course, I could chalk it up to the idea that nobody should be using these cameras in a silly "palette icon" mode but then, there it is. I was doing just that. 

If you are shooting with a GH5 and you've had a few file glitches can you let me know in the comments? I'd like to keep a running tally of this to see if it was an isolated thing caused by getting up too early and trying to operate a camera without sufficient coffee or, if there is a hidden stumble in the mix. Thanks!


  1. So far for me, after about fifty-five thousand frames between two cameras, I've had one file be corrupt. It happened on a Lexar 1000x 64gig. I've had one write error on a Transcend U3 64 gig 285mb/sec card while shooting stills at the continuous high still frame rate, although I didn't loose any frames oddly enough, and after a second it cleared and continued for the rest of the day without issue through a total of 2500+ raw files. I've only shot raw, or raw+jpeg, but never jpeg only, and never used any of the enhancement filters.

  2. Another lovely pic.

    More like Pan-X than Tri-X.

    Memories: Pan-X portraits w/silver umbrella + white bgd, White Lightning strobes, ISO 25 or 12, Rodinal...

  3. Kirk,

    no glitches of this kind experience lately - had it once back in 2010 during a vacation with a Lumix TZ71. Yikes! Card was indeed defective and I had to pay half a fortune to get my vacation pictures rescued.
    I would get rid of the card which had the issue ... just in case.


  4. only got one case of corupted files due to a CF card breaking Down. Altso a transcend of brand.

  5. Yes it has happened to me too. One raw file the jpeg back-up was fine (and has been sold/published). I had recently taken the 2.0 firmware update (have not put in 2.1 yet). On the same shoot as this the viewfinder was acting up. Half of the finder was color snow while I was shooting (started in the middle of a long shoot). I would check and the images would display properly on the back screen. . . but just before the lost RAW file the camera went totally dark heard a loud "clunk" view finder/shutter came back. . . and everything seems to be okay now. Don't know why the jpeg was okay but not the RAW file. The SD cards are both SanDisk Extreme Pro 64GB.
    I'll let you know if there are any more anomalies. . .
    If I get to choose. . . I hope it's a card and not the camera because there is only one (1!) repair guy in Canada. . . and he is many, many mile away. . .
    Bayne (from Vancouver)

  6. I keep a G5 in rotation just for square raws using the 14 2.5.

    To me this is my Rolleiflex, as that was my 2 1/4 square for many years.

  7. I have had a few corrupted files in over the years. I am very busy with at least 200,000 exposures per year. (Thank God I am not paying for film).

    In a few instances it was a wonky download. Re-downloading solved the problem.
    In those cases where it was NOT a downloading issue I have traced every failure to a card going south. I determined this by marking the suspect card and continuing to use it but always making sure I had extra exposures covering the scene.

    The incidence was never high maybe one or two corrupted files out of 2-300 files. However I returned the cards and got exchanges from the manufacturer if they were new-ish and just pitched them if they were older.
    FWIW all the CF cards that failed were Lexar and Sandisk. Transcend has actually never given me a failure. Even when running them through the laundry. :(


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