I like making portraits of actors.

Celeste C. 

A few weeks ago Celeste asked if I'd make a portrait for her portfolio. She was heading up to NYC to continue an acting career. I met her at Zach Theatre where she worked in a number of great productions. I was happy to spend a couple of hours with her because it was a great opportunity to see how the new GH5s would work as portrait cameras. I made most of the images with the Olympus 40-150mm f2.8 Pro lens but Celeste was patient enough to let me try some variations with several old Pen lenses. I'm working on those samples and will post my favorites soon. 

I didn't think the images had enough noise in them when shot at ISO 100 or ISO 200 so I added some noise to them in post. I just sent along her gallery. I hope she finds a few that she'll be able to use.


  1. This amateur doesn't understand what you mean by "I didn't think the images had enough noise ... ." Why do you want to add noise, isn't noise generally the enemy?


  2. A little homogenous noise (not just noise in the shadows) can bring an image together, especially where there is skin tone that's not consistent. Not all noise is bad and people have been using grain as an artistic tool for decades and decades; from mezzotint to emulated film grain. It's all part of an extensive palette.

    1. I knew about the artistic use but not the other. Thank you for the info.


  3. Again the colours are great, and leaves nothing to be whanted compared to bigger sensors.


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