"Thank you" To The Photographers of Dripping Springs. We talked. We shared. We had great Tex Mex food.

My friend, Dave Wilson, invited me back to Dripping Springs, Texas again this year to present to their organization, The Photographers of Dripping Springs. They left the topic up to me so I decided to talk about something I had never done a workshop or presentation about before, and that was: the nuts and bolts of photographing live theater.

I put together 187 photos I liked and presented them as a slide show, running continuously in the background while I spoke. The venue had a great projection system! I also showed a video we did for Zach Theatre; it's the one I posted yesterday afternoon on the blog. The purpose of showing the video was to point out how we integrate still images as b-roll in motion projects.

The talk seemed well received as the group then invited me to their favorite Mexican restaurant to continue, more informally, our discussions about photography, cameras (one question that came up was, "Why don't you like Fujis?") and life. The Tex-Mex food was great but the conversations were even better.

The most important thing I focused on was to not ramble on for so long that we missed the open hours of the restaurant. That happened when I came up two years ago and I learned my lesson. Speak for 45 minutes, answer questions for 15 minutes and then shut the heck up. It's a good, working method if you also want to get a nice dinner.

Thank you to PODS for making me feel welcome and for listening. And thanks for showing me another good Mexican restaurant that I'll keep in mind for those times when I am coming home from San Antonio on Hwy 281 (the scenic, back way) and hit Dripping Springs starving. All very well done. I only hope I didn't bore my fellow photographers and that they were too polite to heckle..... (smile emoji strongly implied...).


MikeR said...

So, do you really not like Fuji's?

My guess is that they don't really work well for your business.

That retro-rangefinder look is kinda cool, though.

Unknown said...

It was a pleasure meeting you last night. I'm grateful the traffic gods parted the ways enough for me to be able attend your presentation. Which, I shall state for the record, was both highly informative and thoroughly entertaining. I'll wager you were a top-notch professor back in your UT days.

Thanks for taking the time to share your work and methodologies with us. I hope to catch more of your presentations again in the near future!


Anonymous said...

I am feed reader and dropped by to say how much I enjoy the blog, the words and photos. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on most things under the sun, especially the importance of preparation and getting it right in camera. I need to heed that advice each time I pick up a camera.


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