Just re-read something I wrote in 2016 for the blog and it was like someone tossed a bucket of cold water on my head. Again. Here, read it:


Here's a pretty photo to look at instead. Just in case you've exceeded your reading quota for the day.


Fred said...

I thought that this was a swimming blog with occasional thoughts about photography so there will still be at least one person checking on your posts no matter what. Besides I like the posts on lighting and video. But then I also like Brussels Sprouts :-).

Stephen Kennedy said...

"Marketing serfs"..... that's a phrase that I'm now on the hunt to deploy. Wow!

Yet another great article that you give the world without cost and with no obligation.

Thanks Kirk!

Anonymous said...

Here's one non-professional's opinion. Photography is about capturing something that only exists for a point in time. Never was before. Never will be again. Or maybe always was and always will be. Either way it happened. You were there along with the subject(s) - human, animal, vegetable, mineral, or etherial. And you were there for what made it possible - the long hike to the waterfall, hanging out at the base of Denali for 6 months waiting for the clear day when the mountain is out, walking down the street with camera in hand, or setting up the lights in the studio and posing your model. And you were there for part that came after - dodging with a piece of fabric on a coat hanger wire, watching in the red light as the image appeared on the print, or tweaking the unsharp mask in lightroom. It was the same shooting tri-x on my OM1 with a 55 1.2 (wish i had kept that) as it is with a D300, EM5, or iPhone (well maybe not that last one). Doing it for money just means you get more practice so you are even more ready when the moment of art presents itself. Don't let the baloney get you down. You are a Great American and a credit to your craft. Your blog is my favorite thing on the internet because of the subject matter but mostly because you make it personal.

ODL Designs said...

The internet is amazing... The internet is the worst.

You know when I want to draw more I often buy some new pencils and a new pad. Something about the fresh virgin paper and a sharp 4b motivates me.

The problem with the internet is it is like shouting into some type of abyss.

granitix said...

I wrote one just like this, perhaps a bit more bluntly and focused entirely on hardware. Embarrassing indeed! I even changed the 'blog title to emphasise my gear addiction, since that effectively was my subject.

Part of it was financially induced but I raced through gear, upgraded injudiciously and sold some mighty nice stuff. For some reason it's a Pentax thing; as soon as a camera box opens I seek old/new lenses to match. I'm much more frugal with Lumix gear.