Point taken. No more politics on the blog (unless someone declares martial law...). More MTF and less WTF.

I hear you. I'll keep the politics off the blog.

All packed up and ready to head off on vacation. When I return we should have some information for you about the Sigma 45mm f2.8 lens used on the Panasonic Lumix S1, a first look at the Log upgrade to the same camera (4:2:2 10 bit 60p) and a review about two small tripods.

I'm leaving all my computer stuff at home so Studio Dog can keep in touch with me while I'm gone. She'll have her paws full supervising young Ben Tuck for the week. Since I'm only taking an iPhone for comms I won't be torturing myself trying to write anything for the blog on the tiny, tiny keyboard. Any brilliant ideas I come up with will have to wait.

This will be the first trip I've taken in a long time during which I'll be able to travel with only carry-on luggage. All the flights I took last year for clients required checking in lighting equipment and other support equipment in a large Manfrotto case (or two). How deliciously purging...

Belinda is warming up to the idea of actually carrying a camera along with her to Montreal but it's not one that will be very exciting to most readers here; she's taking a Canon G15. Fits in her small bag.

I'm taking one camera and two lenses. The camera is a Pentax K-1 and the two lenses are the 50mm f1.4 and the 28-105mm zoom. Oh, yeah. And some extra batteries.

We'll argue about my camera choice when I get back.

Finally, I want to thank the VSL reader who volunteered to drive up from central New York state to Montreal in order to pick us up at the airport and drive us to our hotel. I think he was kidding but I'm not 100% sure. I do appreciate the thought...

Hope everyone in Austin has fun (and stays safe) at the Austin City Limits Music Festival, and everyone else has a great week making photographs and video someplace quieter. I'm pretty sure I can hear Guns and Roses from the park right now....

Adios Mi Amigos.

I know all of you probably want a Pentax K1 so here's a link to one at Amazon:


ODL Designs said...

Have a great trip Kirk! Keep safe and it is getting a little chilly and damp so bring a good windbreaker and sweater!

Frank Grygier said...

Have a wonderful time.

Roland Tanglao said...

bonne vacances!

Dave Jenkins said...

Have a great trip!

Richard Parkin said...

On politics: “Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing.” (John Stuart Mill,1867:)

Markus said...

Oh no, Kirk, don't refrain from your political comments. It's good to read that someone names madness as such.

EdB said...

Enjoy the time away

yorik said...

It's your blog - if you want to share your view of the `interesting times' in which we live, you should feel free. Of course the risk is losing the readers who might disagree with you. In any case, have a great vacation!

P.S. Some day you will have to try one of the FA limited lenses, edge performance be damned.

cj goad said...

When your sitting at some sidewalk cafe in Montreal take a moment to consider this.About 30,000 years ago the site of Montreal was covered by a mile or two of ice but not Austin as far as I know.Up here in Canada the deal is ....freedom of thought,belief,opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication.... Some folks consider this to be some what less in strength than your First Amendment in the USA.

TBan said...

I didn’t read whatever it was you said, but my guess is the few people who leave in a huff won’t make much of a dent in your readership and in all actuality won’t be missed.

Raymond Charette said...

I'm from Québec. Politics and Hockey are our national pastimes. I really don't mind the occasional reference, comment, quip or jibe.

Have a good holiday in Montreal, Kirk.

Greg Heins said...

When was it that morals (what we used to call "mere" morals) became "politics?"

Lohar Studio said...

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Chris said...


Your political comments are OK with me. There are times when we must speak.

Nicolas said...

Without a sprinkle of political thought you aren't presenting us with your full personality and its your personality that we come for. Don't give it up.

Hugh said...

This is not the time for decent people to be silenced.

Please keep speaking your mind.

Tom said...

Hi Kirk,

Hope you enjoy your well earned vacation. As you have stated in the past, you worked in an audio store while attending UT, I thought you might enjoy this interview with a Lee Shelly. He is a photographer of audio equipment and portraits.


I appreciate all your work and opinions.


DGM said...

This is not Politics, it is a lesson in Civics: The study of the rights and duties of citizenship.

Below is some text lifted without permission from:

James McHenry was an Irish immigrant who served as an aide to Washington, and later to Lafayette, during the Revolutionary War. He was selected to serve as a delegate to the federal convention (that became known as the “Constitutional Convention”) from Maryland and upon his arrival in Philadelphia began keeping his personal journal. Due to an unexpected illness of his brother, however, McHenry returned home and missed much of the convention—from June 1 to August 4—but the information he included when he was present was quite detailed.

For example, the day after McHenry and the other delegates signed the Constitution and officially adjourned—he recorded the following exchange:

“a lady asked Dr. Franklin, well Doctor what we got a republic or a monarchy—

A republic replied the Doctor, if you can keep it.

The lady here aluded [sic] to was Mrs. Powel of Philadelphia”
Personally, I believe the founding fathers did their best to craft a constitution and a structure of government that would be able to withstand the foibles and weaknesses of the humans who occupy various branches of government. It does, however, depend upon people with a strong moral and ethical compass to be brave enough to defend our republic from those who would throw it all away for a return to a monarchy or worse.

I did not see your comments that sparked a back-lash, I just hope that all this is in support of your personal views.

Roger Jones said...

"I hear you. I'll keep the politics off the blog." I understand, but still have to ask why? The other day I was shooting an event using a film and digital camera, some of the people made comments like "not important, it's fake, fake news, fake photography. It's all Photo Shopped." My reply, it's film.
Not sure where we're going as a nation, but it isn't a pleasant outlook.
Have a great vacation

Miguel Tejada-Flores said...

Hey, Kirk, just a brief note - to urge you, seriously, not to censor yourself when it comes to politics - or anything else. You aren't merely a fine photographer and maker-of-images - you are also (drumroll, please) quite a fine writer as well - and in my admittedly biased opinion, one of the many reasons you are (a fine wordsmith) is that you express yourself thoughtfully and articulately .... on many aspects of life, and not merely f-stops, emulsions, sensors or optics.

The truth is, for writers as well as image-makers, not everyone is going to like or appreciate one's work. But that shouldn't stop one from doing it ... and putting it out there, as well.

The short form: don't stop.

And in a brief change of subject, the great quebecquois version of a N.Y. deli pastrami sandwich - un sandwich de viande fumée (aka a smoked beef sandwich) - is worth checking out, along with a good cold bière, if you get the chance.



Eric Rose said...

Actually while I agree with your sentiments on the current state of political affairs in the US, I would rather VSL remain an oasis away from politics. There is enough political commentary elsewhere imho.

MikeR said...

So, some people are cranky. Ignore them. You have the right to be your own cranky self.