Sharing an article I put up on LinkedIn. The business side of photography. How to safely get back to work...



Olympus EP-L2 with the 40-150mm f4.0 - 5.6 @ 5.6

Reader Michael Kohnhorst provided a link to a good post with more details about the Veydra lenses and the "transition" to Meike. Interesting reading!


Other random notes.

I'm off delivering groceries to someone who is quarantining. But before I grab my keys and head out the door I thought I'd go off topic and mention how great swim practice was this morning. 

I hit the six a.m. workout again. My temperature before the swim with 96.8(f). There's something really fun about a swim practice that features a sunrise right in the middle. We didn't do an amazing amount of yardage but we kept moving and kept our heart rates bouncing along. And the water was close to perfect.

We swim at a private club and we require that everyone register for swim time slots so we can do contact tracing just in case someone ends up getting infected with Covid-19. It's easy and fast to sign up on the web. We require that everyone wear face masks on the pool deck. That's cool too. 

Please wear a mask when you are out in public. It's not a political statement, it's an I.Q. test. Please try to make a passing grade. For everyone's sake.

Now I'm off to deliver that bag of groceries before the yogurt spoils...