Leica issues new firmware for the SL2. Once again, DP Review totally fumbles the link.


First I have to thank DP Review for alerting me to the fact that Leica has released firmware 4.0 for the Leica SL2. They've also released new firmware for the SL2S but I don't own one of those so it's not really on my radar. 

Then I have to take a poke at DP Review and Leica USA for completely fumbling the link that actually gets one to the new firmware. The link at DPR takes one to the USA site's Italian .PDF about the firmware but has no clickable link to actually access the firmware. None. Not at all. You are welcome to download the Italian language .PDF and read a dozen pages of fun details but it won't get you any closer to upgrading your camera. I would think a big, global site would at least click on the link they are sharing to make sure it works. This applies to either/both DPR and LeicaUSA. 

The solution is to track down Leica's international site and go straight to the support page. They actually make the upgrade quick and easy to find. 

The download is straightforward and the installation is quick. All the usual caveats apply: fully charged battery, clean, formatted SD card, no monkeying with buttons during the process.

The firmware tightens integration between the camera and L mount lenses from companies other than Leica. It adds layers of controls to face detect AF. And allows for greater customization of some of the buttons and wheels. 

I like firmware updates. They are generally always things that improve either image quality or operational flexibility. Or both.

We're all set and ready here. 

Wanna go straight to the source and start your download? Here's a good link: