Having fun in sunny Vancouver.

 We’ve had two days of crystal clear clear sunlight and two rainy days that didn’t slow us down in the least. Vancouver is a wonderful city!!!

Yes, I have only one camera and one lens with me but it’s actually a nice change. Can’t believe Leica got me a beta SL3 just in time for our trip. Wow! 22 stops of dynamic range, 120 Megapixel sensor and 10 terabytes of built in storage!! And an IP 1200 rating for resistance to electro magnetic 🧲 pulse weapons. All that and a 24 megapixel EVF. 

Oops! I forgot about that NDA I signed….

I ordered mine with the Komodo Dragon leather. Sucks for the endangered species but DAMN it looks good…

Back to reality and home in a few days….