Once a year I confront my nemesis... and every year it wins.

Leica SL + Nikon 24mm D lens.

Yes. I tried to resist. I pushed away from the table. But the powerful attraction was too much for me. I found myself clutching the triangular shaped tool. I had no control as my hand crept toward the glass pan. I was shocked to find an enormous wedge of Bourbon Pecan Pie sitting on a white plate in front of me. But I totally succumbed to the immense pleasure as I took the first bite. Gastronomic heaven on earth. 

I was certain, after finishing what had to be 2,000+ calories of fresh-baked happiness, that I gained five pounds in a single go. 

Hours later I was still pondering which treat has the most effect on me, a new camera or a still oven warm and perfectly made pecan pie. When I woke up this morning and saw that we still had pie remaining I think my decision was easy. Pie trumps cameras. At least in the short run.... 

Marketing suggestion for Leica: Make New Products smell like Pecan Pie. Easy sale.

I also indulged a bit in a "Black Friday" splurge. I bought a couple more SD cards and, to push the purchase over the top --- a Peak Design wrist strap. 

That's it for now.