I like intersecting diagonals.


"Tuna" Man said...

Dear Kirk,
First, thanks for each day's thoughts. I read them all.
I like diagonals, too. If you have time, take a look at beinkej.blogspot.com at the blog entitled "Battle Scars." Some diagonals there.

James Beinke, Los Alamos, NM

Art in LA said...

Nice! Love the light, color, patterns ... where was that shot taken?

Anonymous said...

Intersecting diagonals, you say?:


This is a photo of our city hall, taken from a very carefully chosen location in the main square this past summer.

Apropos to your recent post about lenses for the Pentax K-3, I think the lens I used for this shot deserves your attention. It's the 77mm F1.8 "Limited", which falls roughly into your 120mm-equivalent sweetspot.

Apologies for the late post. Sometimes, life gets in the way of a great idea (at least temporarily).

All the best!

Scott Price
Ontario, Canada
"Hello_Photo" on Flickr