Portrait. In black and white. 2014.

Jenny. Austin, Texas 2014

Another image from my first portrait session of the year. Created with the Panasonic GH3 and an ancient Olympus 70mm f2.0 Pen FT lens (circa 1970). Photographed in RAW format, processed to Jpeg in Aperture and converted to black and white in DXO Filmpack 3.


Wolfgang Lonien said...

Wonderful, Kirk! Your style is different from mine, but I still love it.

Anonymous said...

Very nice tonality!

Anonymous said...

Wow. I love all your portraits but this one has made me post!

Murray Davidson said...

I like the toned. I use DXO Film pack quite a lot. Might I ask which emulation you use / used here?

Anonymous said...


with the gh3 2x crop factor, is the 70mm lens used now "really" a 140mm?

and if so, how far back where you to get such a tight close-up framing?

thanks in advance for any info you care to share.

oh, and by the way, a healthy and joyous 2014 to you and yours.

be well.

Anonymous said...

It's usually when something is slightly off in a face that we are attracted to it. That's why so many famous models actually look a bit odd in person, but when photographed that off element becomes an attracting asset. In Jenny's case, she is a beauty in spite of the fact that her right eye and right side of her chin are lower than the left. I wonder how different her photo might be if the light were placed on the other side. For instance, the shadow that extrends below her nose would be in the viewer's right, not the viewers' left, and would that negate or accentuate her lopsidedness? Please understand that this is coming from someone who was born with a slight thyroid issue and has noticeably different-height chin, nostrils, eyes, and ears. Optometrists lose their minds trying to fit my glasses! And no, I'm no beauty. :-)

Racecar said...

My daughter was visiting us from New Haven, and we went up to see the "Castle." We noticed the Art work. And by some strange coincidence you photographed her there standing in her hoody atop the artwork. She's going to be thrilled that she made it into your blog. Thanks!

RFS said...

this is not a good picture because I read a book once that said you should always have your key light on the same side as your subject parts her hair....or was it the opposite side of the part....?