In a break from our endless salivating over new and improved cameras, a reminder...

Tomorrow, April, 26th, is the annual Eeyore's Birthday Party at Pease Park. The last, mass, non-greedy, non-corporate event left in Austin. All beverage and food purchases go directly to Austin non-profits and charities. There's no cost for admission. Everyone is equally welcome. There are no Gold Badges, no Platinum Wrist Bands, no air conditioned V.I.P. tents. No golf carts for people with stiletto heels.  No pecking order other than the originality and magnificence of your costume! If you are in Austin get on your bike and head over to Pease Park for a loud (but not too loud!!!), peaceful, mellow, happy old Austin experience.

And if you are coming to take photographs please consider not wearing the stupid photographer's vest, bringing a huge bag with every camera and lens you own and generally acting like a perv.

John, who has been photographing and participating in the festival for years and years came last year bare-chested, painted, with a hula skirt and one film Leica with one perfect lens. There's your roll model.

Watch out for the hill. There are so many people smoking pot up there that you'll get high just walking through. Wear your sunscreen. Take a hat. Drink your water. The weather report is indicating 90 degrees in the afternoon and were not fully acclimated yet after our admirably cold winter.

My camera? It's either going to be the Sony RX10 or the Sony RX10. The real question might be, "which microphone?"


  1. "one film Leica with one perfect lens. There's your roll model"
    Film roll model - gotta love it!
    Typo or very clever statement?

  2. I have been following your blog for a few months since I found you had fallen to the same affliction as myself; love of the RX10 after an all too brief affair with a Sony R1. I love your photography but the one thing that stands out to me more than anything is the beautiful colour balance you manage to achieve. Truly excellent.

  3. So does this mean you didn't buy the GH4? Yet?

    Not that it matters much, since you seem set for a fun day. I'll be in the little town of Turkey, Texas, for Bob Wills Day - almost as much fun as Eeyore's Birthday in Austin. Maybe.

    Probably one GX1 with 1 lens, doing mostly video. And maybe a Zoom audio recorder.

    Have a fun day.

  4. Gato, picked it up this afternoon. Fun.

  5. Gato, picked it up this afternoon. Fun.

  6. Eeyore's Birthday Party starts in about an hour. Saddle up.


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