So what did Kirk Tuck do about the GH4 imbroglio? Did he buy the damn camera or not?

It was all very anti-climatic. I spent the day doing routine things. I went to swim practice. I painted the door of my studio with two coats of semi-gloss, fire engine red paint. I ate lunch. I read some Ferlinghetti poems. And some Wallace Stevens poems. I went for a walk with loyal Studio Dog. 

And while I was out walking with Studio Dog I asked her, in a very sincere way, "Should I buy the Panasonic GH4?" She gave me that nonjudgmental dog look and proceeded to look for some deer poop to eat. Then she barked in a kind of affirmative way and I took that as a sign that a GH4 purchase might be sensible. Even wise. 

But it was the e-mail from a recent client letting me know that our video project was successful and that she was lining up people on San Antonio for us to interview for a new video project that made me feel comfortable getting in the car and meandering up Texas Loop One toward the hallowed halls of Precision Camera (where, incidentally, they have three "up for grabs" GH4's as of this evening....)
where I was met by sales associate, Ian, who held in his hot little hands a glorious black box with a GH4 in it. I was going to play hardball and make him work for the sale but we both knew I wanted it and there seemed little point in beating around the bush. I bought the camera. 

But, since Precision Camera is a full service store I did ask him to put the strap on for me, set the date on the camera and otherwise touch the camera to give it good joss.

At first blush, with not video project at hand, it's all a bit disappointing since the GH4 is almost exactly like a GH3 and there is no magic thing that makes me breathe a little quicker or induce a temporary flush of visceral excitement. It is, for all intents and purposes, just another GH3 with a different model name emblazoned on the front. 

Did any of you think for a moment that I wasn't going to rush out, salivating like Pavlov's dog at the very thought of being among the first to acquire a GH4?  I plan on taking it and a yet to be determined lens to Eeyore's Birthday Party tomorrow. On monday the rolling review will begin. 

The battery is charging but I already have a pre-charged battery in the camera for testing and fun. 

For the curious: I kept both of the GH3s. They are so sweet and so competent I couldn't bear to let them go. The more the merrier. Especially when the dials, buttons and menus pretty much match. 


  1. If you get the chance would you test out the c-af on birds in flight? I am curious how it compares to the e-m1 in that regard, but don't want to impose on you. I'll find out soon enough. Thanks and hey at least you realize you have a problem with Gas. It's also much better then say a coke problem or any number of wasteful and dishonest vices.

  2. I have a huge (to me) video project coming up in a month. I'm attempting a couple of hundred short video/audio reviews of all the great guitars in my shop. I have a guy coming from Australia (I'm hoping he is the wizard of Oz) who has done about 1200 video reviews of amps and pedals that is going to work with me. I have a Sony A77 that does adequate video, but I so want this GH4. You had convinced me to get the GH3, Kirk, but in order to future proof the video, the GH4 seems to be the thing. It's lovely how we convince ourselves, isn't it!

  3. Humzai, two things I've never done: BIF and AF-C. I wouldn't know where to start...

  4. i KNEW youd buy it.. i kept thinking "hell want to play with new fancy video modes for eeyore..." hehe

  5. You really should try out some bif photography it's a lot of fun. The best place to start is in your yard, if you want to do that sort of thing. It's really easy to get into if you have a bird feeder.

  6. I did not for one moment doubt that you'd get the camera. You! Not having the latest and greatest? As well as the oldest and coolest!

    Congratulations! Look forward to your comments on the GH4 ...

    best regards
    from Iceland

  7. Yeah, even though we "knew" you would buy it, it's only because you are probably like most of us. Every gear-driven endeavor is the same. Besides the 4k though, the GH4 does provide 1/250 flash synch (which you mentioned previously). I recently bought a GX7 as both a back-up to my GH3 and as a primary stills camera for the simple reason it provides 1/320 flash synch. Once we've experienced such a valuable feature it's tough not having it. It's all good, Kirk! Look forward to hearing about your experiences with the new gear!
    ~ Ron

  8. The faster sync will come in handy but the faster top shutter speed (1/8,000th) is an every day need in the bright sun. That, and the EVF is great. Really great.

  9. There was not the slightest question you would buy it. :)

  10. I think you are smart keeping the two GH3s. The interesting thing about your choice of camera bodies is that you can get two GH3s and two GH4s and spend less than you would for one Nikon D4S or Canon EOS-1DX. Have fun with your new camera. I will be most interested in reading about how it works as a video camera.

  11. Your dog made you do it. OK.

    I don't have a dog to make me purchase a GH4. Any suggestions for other reasons?

    Thanks for writing lots of very helpful posts here and on the other blog.

  12. Congrats Kirk! I have two with my name on it waiting until I can get "there" to pick 'em up. Gotta say though, I don't know why, the GH3's do everything I could ask for.

    Higher flash synch is sort of irrelevant with the FP mode of the flash, works just dandy even at 1000th!

    Greater grade-ability in video is the main thing, and focus peaking is the other. The nicer finder will be a plus. I've always been envious of the Olympus finders, I hope this is a step up.

  13. Can you tell the difference between the GH3 and the GH4's EVF. Is the GH4's EVF as good as the Olympus's? Assuming the stills are similar to the GH3's is the new EVF enough to justify upgrading?

  14. Kirk,
    I think I have the exact spec iMac 27 that you do, 3.5 i7 with 3T fusion and 32 GB. I'd like to know how the 4K video works on your iMac. Is the Mac Pro going to be necessary for 4K?


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