Out of the city with a fun camera in tow.

I had a fun job today. I was working for a shelter magazine. I was assigned to photograph a house in Fredericksburg, Texas that's more like a museum dedicated to early American art and craft. I took along some big flashes (which I didn't use) and a small flash (which I did use) and a selection of small sensor cameras. The house was well done and big windows ushered in ample soft light. I used some judicious in camera HDR (I know, I know...) and fine-tuned the files later in Lightroom.

It was refreshing to do an assignment that was straightforward and simple. No endless hours of post production and no budget so big that it makes everyone's adrenaline zing.

While I took two GH3s along intending to use them and the new X lenses for my primary shooting cameras I just couldn't keep my hands off their case-mate, the Sony RX10.  That little camera continues to impress me with sharp files and nearly straight lines (at 24mm eq. it needs a +1 correction in Lightroom to get lines perfectly straight..).

I'd been feeling beat up lately with complications from complicated jobs so it was nice to get out of town, away from the phone (yes, you can leave your iPhone in the trunk of your car), away from e-mail and away from the Austin traffic. I drove out on highway 290 through Johnson City (hometown of president Lyndon B. Johnson) and I stuck to the right lane with the farm vehicles and pokey drivers so I could go slow and just enjoy the drive.

We wrapped up our house shooting around 1pm and I headed into Whataburger on my way out of town to have a good ole jalapeño burger. Yummy. Just splurging today I also added guacamole. I took the same leisurely pace heading back to Austin. Now it's a little after 5pm and I've already got my 100+ tiff images corrected and ready to go.

The art director for the magazine is in Ohio and asked if I could send along a few images of Texas wildflowers. I was just planning to hit the stock file at the studio when I came across a wildflower resource just off the highway about 20 miles out of Fredericksburg. A giant outdoor store that specializes in native flowers.  Acres of beautiful wildflowers in red, yellow, blue and purple. I pulled in and walked around for while with the little RX10, just clicking away.

The sun was bright, the clouds soft and puffy and the sky washed blue from rain the night before. It was 85 degrees and the warm weather felt good. Soon enough it will be too hot. But I'm enjoying what we've got right now.

Keeping that RX10 in the bag, in the car, in the swim bag, in the bike bags and most especially, right over my left shoulder. That's how to spend a fun and productive day in central Texas. 


Dave Jenkins said...

Spending a day taking reasonably decent photographs for reasonably decent money is balm for the soul, isn't it?

Kirk Tuck, Photographer/Writer said...

Yes Mr. Jenkins. It certainly is. I need to do more of these smaller, less frantic projects. They are the most fun.

Anonymous said...

So, which one of these two should act as the soundtrack for this blog post?

Going Up The Country
On The Road Again? ;-)

Jim Pilcher said...

I keep my Lumix LX7 + EVF with me at all times. You continue to wax poetic about this new-fangled Sony RX10. I'm sorely tempted to switch my "keep it with me" camera. I have to stop reading your blog; it's expensive.

On the subject of your GH3, I've stuck with µ4/3 since the early days. You've come back in a seemingly big way. It's a good feeling to know that you pay attention to your readers.

Whataburger sounds delicious. Is it vegan?

Frank Grygier said...

I can't believe you made a landscape photograph!

Vegan Whataburger!!!Heresy!

Kirk Tuck, Photographer/Writer said...

How the mighty have fallen....

But for the record is was Jim Pilcher who suggestively proposed a vegan Whataburger. Mine was pure beef, jalapeño and avocado.

Can't say what came over me with the landscape image. Must be allergies...