Random Portrait.

A few years ago Noellia helped me experiment with an Alien Bees ring light.  I ran across this a few days ago and decided to re-post it because, checking me decade calendar we're due for a resurgence of ring lights, followed a year later by a resurgence of beauty dishes, followed by more "small flash" enthusiasm. In the rearview mirror? Massive megapixelage. At least that's what a reading of the entrails tells us...


  1. It's always a pleasure to see your portraits, beautiful models and excellent use of light...so simple, so great!

  2. Kirk,
    Thanks for your brutal honesty,you
    just nailed it.Ah!the euphoria of
    a new camera,how we love to imagine the next great thing will
    settle the gnawing agony of GAS,
    when we all know deep down it will
    only last until the NEXT NEW THING>

  3. Funny you should mention lighting styles being in a cycle because I was just watching an episode of Columbo from about 1970. In a scene involving a character being photographed, part of the set decoration was three hammerhead strobes on light stands set up for three-point lighting. It looked like it was set up by David Hobby's grandpa Plus ca change...

  4. Have you noticed that ring lights (or the computer generated equivalent) have become a minor fad in TV commercial production? They're used close, apparently to give an unearthly glow to people's eyes. Disturbing.


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