Anybody miss this one the first time around? It's my favorite rant of all time. For photographers.


Seems like I am meeting more and more people waiting to do their project at some future time when all the stars line up....


Wayne P said...

Best post yet!

Victor Bloomfield said...

Yes, but... Exploring a city with a guide/fixer, a tour group, or even an adventurous spouse can lead you to places you might not find on your own by random wandering. Just walking the streets and photographing what grabs your eye can lead to marvelous results (see Jay Maisel, Cartier-Bresson, and other icons of street photography).

But it can also lead to the all-too-common shots of random people doing random things (or not doing much of anything) that is the result of much of what is posted on many street photography sites these days.

The challenge is finding interesting places and waiting until something interesting happens.

Gato said...

One of your best; one of my favorites.

Paul said...

It's one of my favorite blog posts
I learnt a long time ago that when on family holidays it's best to get up early go for a walk and return to the accommodation just as the family wakes up. I love the morning golden hr and seeing cities waking up.
Photowalks are great for chatting and as long as you expect people to do their own thing and meet up later they work OK. If everyone keeps tight formation you end up with 600 images of the same thing.

Anonymous said...

It's a classic I have read and re-read.

amolitor said...

My experience is quite different! I find undirected shooting to be supremely boring, and tend to lose interest after half an hour or so.

My approach is to look for opportunities. I might take a record shot here and there of potential opportunities. Then I go back and work that opportunity. I might examine the record shots to guess at good times to return. Evening. In the rain.

I rarely have an actual shot list but I do have a pretty clear concept in mind by the time I'm shooting 'seriously'.

This works well when you have small children because you can work in relatively short intense bursts, so to an extent I may be fitting method to circumstance. Still, I do bore easily and always have.

At this point the attentive reader will know that I am terrible at traditional street photography.

Paul said...

Kirk I was going to post a link to the original blog - but it's disappeared