Freelance creativity can be a lonely occupation. The time between jobs seems fraught with anxious pondering. Will there ever be another text from a client?

And then it all swings to the 
other side of the pendulum.
Will I ever have time for myself?

When you feel this way...

Stand up from your desk and go outside.


  1. Being an otherwise retired person who is also a freelance creative is, in my experience, a socially interesting and fulfilling occupation. I make photographs for a non profit that does good things and makes good use of my services for which they pay me no money. We both profit.

  2. Thanks Kirk, need a dose of this. I am off outside.

  3. This probably applies equally to every sole proprietorship on the continent. Remembering to rest when you can lest you lock up is one of the hardest thing.

    The boss is often a slave-driver


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