The Visual Science Lab clocks in the 2,300th blog post since 2009. Have you read them all yet?

Every time we hit another century mark here I like to call it out to my readers. It always feels like an achievement. At least it's a lot of practice typing...

So I've just posted the 2,300th blog post earlier today and I'm amazed that I'm still enjoying the blogging, the writing and photography in general. Things are no more sure in our industry today than they were six years ago when we started. We rode the crest of the high wave of cameras sales back in 2008-2008 and we've been sliding down the backside of the wave ever since.

When I started writing I was toying with Olympus E series cameras and now I'm happily playing with the m4:3rd series. I'm on my second go around with Nikon's cameras. I've tried a lot of others in between.

I hope you've enjoyed what I've written and you'll support the site by commenting and checking in when you can and think it appropriate. If you need something from Amazon you can support the site by clicking through our links to buy your stuff. If you have something fun to say we'll probably post it.

My tolerance for snarky, anonymous commenters hasn't increased but I am having more fun just clicking, "Spam." when I come across mean copy-grunge. I figure the troll-y ones will give up sooner or later if their handiwork flies off into the void.

I'm not sure how much longer there will even be an audience for traditional camera based photography blogs but I'll keep writing until the daily page views dwindle down too far and then we'll pack it in and shut it down.

For now I'm happy with the frequency and the audience and I'm interested. I hope you are too.

Happy 2300. 


Daniel (moderator) said...

Congratulations. I found your blog less than a year ago and find it very informative.

Bill Stormont said...

It's your interest, engagement, and talent that keeps us reading…and thinking.

Anonymous said...

Kirk, I read only two blogs every day. I actually found your blog through TOP a few years ago. I read VSL because I like what you write about, from the cameras and lenses to video and assignments, and the swimming and everything else. I'm retired, a hobbyist who shoots with one camera and a few lenses; I also swim, slowly, at senior lap time. I enjoy the world you share with us because it's different than mine-it's also often a source of inspiration. The walk-around shots of Austin, including Graffiti park and coffee candids,
show a world much larger and different than my little town on the Oregon coast. Thanks sharing so much with us.

Anonymous said...

I doubt if I've read all 2300 since I skip over most video related posts. But I've been regularly reading since you wrote something that resonated with me around 2009 or '10 and have been a regular reader as you often write stuff that resonates, or is just interesting. I even bought your book, and just bought a few cds - some Clapton, Van Morrison & Mark Knopfler - through your Amazon links. So here we are. Cheers!

Kirk Tuck, Photographer/Writer said...

Thanks Ken. Your attention and shopping acumen are both appreciated.

Unknown said...

I'm a regular reader and have bought all your books (including the Lisbon one). Keep up the good work!

Perhaps you should consider another book on say, the adventures of a commercial photographer. You have a good start right here.