Starting over again. We're archiving the past and starting fresh. VSL re-imagined: Post #1.

2300 blog posts is a lot of words.  And a lot of images. The original content on the Visual Science Lab covered the years between 2009 and yesterday. We discussed a lot about cameras and lights, tripods and books, workshops and industry trends. But that's all in the past. If you read them I'm happy, if you didn't it doesn't really matter because reading them now would be nothing more than looking back at the wake of a boat to see where it has been instead of looking forward to where each of us is going. By eliminating the previous posts I can start fresh. No baggage. And believe me, the stewardship of all those posts was starting to drag me down...

What is happening right now? Today? In the next five minutes? With life? With our art? That's what we'll talk about as we move forward.

The Visual Science Lab has always been about the art and business of visual work. From now until some time in the future we'll continue discussing cameras, video, writing, books, coffee and swimming. If you want to come along for the ride you are welcome.


  1. Wow! Sorry to see all that good stuff go down the hole. I'm glad I saved 22 of your posts, mostly about the business of photography, in my documents.

    I suppose this doesn't interest you at this point in your life, but you really, really should go back and sort out a bunch of those posts, edit them, and come out with another business book, or better yet, "Kirk Tuck on Photography."

    Wish now I had saved more of your posts.

  2. Arrrgh!

    Glad I had the opportunity to read it from Day One, thanks to keeping the original archived posts available.

    Wonder what happens next.....

  3. There are some posts that I'll miss going back and re-reading. Any chance of a "Best of VSL" collection? "Kirk's Greatest Hits?" :)

  4. Yep. I'll figure out something fun to do with the archives. Maybe a separate blog with greatest hits. No firm plans yet.

  5. I'm happy for you ... always good to start over, re-charge the batteries, re-evaluate, etc... (and always good to 'shock' your readership, or what? It keeps us guessing ....

    I'm sure you will figure something out regarding the archive ... I for one look forwards to seeing what will happen ...

    best regards
    from 'sunny' Iceland :-)

  6. Count me in. I don't need to read what that kid wrote, I need the new more mature Kirk Tuck's thoughts.

  7. I commend your boldness. Kirk. Well done! I can quite understand your point of view. You are not writing an encyclopedia, nor should your musings of the past be nit-picked to death. So out with the old and in with the new!

  8. Can't say I like all the old posts being removed, especially after I posted a link to your article "Please pay your income taxes!" on FB this morning. A friend posted an article discussing the same topic. Maybe you could reinstate the last 2 or 3 months content.

  9. Congratulations on starting a new blog.

  10. Kirk,
    Yes - I think I did read all 2300 posts. But that's the past!
    Welcome back!!!
    I will continue to enjoy being a lurker who aspires to understand "art".
    Thank you for adding value to the Internet.

  11. Ouch! I'll definitely miss many of your posts, and related images. But.. Your turf, your rules :D
    Take care

  12. Yikers. I had been twisting the arm of a commercial photog acquaintance to read your assessments of the Oly EM5-2... Guess he will just to trust me on it as he decides whether to bail on his current system. Sorta like setting the diaries on fire, liberating, fresh air, tear the shirt and wander the earth.

  13. Reminds me of another "end of the road" back here:


    There were several, no?

  14. As long as we have Belinda, all is well.

  15. Like others I will miss the 'familiar' - but I'll stick around for what is to come (if thats ok with you)!

  16. Belinda is so beautiful. How could you not fall for those eyes.

  17. There has to be a book in there somewhere.

  18. I think you're making a mistake deep sixing all your old posts. I found you when I was searching for LED lights, and you were working on your LED book at the time (hadn't published it yet). But of course you had tons of posts about those lights. Ultimately decided they weren't the solution for me, but loved your blog, and went back in the archives and read almost every post. Really puzzled why you want to ditch all that great stuff you wrote. PLEASE bring it back -- I think you're making a mistake. My opinion, of course, and you obviously think I'm daft. But I wish you'd reconsider.

    But I'll be reading you anyway -- just kind of irritated because there are a few recent posts of yours that I hadn't had time to read, and now you've deleted them!

    --John Griffin

  19. Kirk I'd suggest rebranding the blog as Hopi sand art. Created to express something for therapeutic purposes and then erased once the illness has been absorbed through the act of creation.

    I appreciate most of the points raised and being along for the ride.


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