Have you seen one of these in the wild? it's a Voitlander 17mm f0.95 and it's a pretty amazing lens.

You never know what Frank will bring to coffee. Last week it was this combo, the EM-1 and the Voitlander 17mm f-superfast. I played with the lens for a while and was quite impressed. You can emulate the look of a 35mm on full frame right down to the narrow depth of field and from what I could see it was sharp, sharp, sharp. Of course where I was seeing the sharpness was in the center because the sides and edges were at a different focusing distance from the center and the depth of field limited the theoretical sharpness we could expect. As it does in nearly every fast lens. But, of course, no sane human is using these high speed optics to do copy work, right?....

My tiny review? Great build quality, nice finder image. Perfect heft.


  1. Nice lens, it's 17.5mm and the make is Voigtlander.


  2. I thought you wrote 'perfect theft' ..... I assumed you had 'added' it to your collection....

  3. I hope his coffee surprises are as tempting to you as your blog entries are tempting me to spend a lot of money on a new Em5 II and this lens.

  4. Have not seen 'that', but I do have an EM1 with the Voitlander 25mm f.95 - I felt the 17 was a little wide for me. Currently getting quite a workout, not without its flaws / characteristics, but quite enjoyable to use as something different.

  5. In my dreams I have all four of the Voigtlander m4/3 s primes and I'm shooting beautiful photos and videos with them. In reality my bank account has me shooting with Olmpus 17, 25, and 60. While I would like the extra thin DOF and the lovely smooth focus action I don't think I'm suffering by using what I've got.

  6. The Noktons are wonderful lenses. Though they aren't the kind of gear where you pay your money, push a button and get the magic.

    They're craftsman tools. Creating beautiful rack focus while filming. Playing with the center sharpness and creamy bokeh with a wide open portrait. Landscape shots at f/2.8 are razor sharp with great contrast and color.

    You could spend years learning the nuances.

  7. I would like to add the new 10mm along with 25 and 42.5. They make beautiful images with stills and video. Or how about these: http://www.ducloslenses.com/collections/voigtlander-primes. Or these:

    Good times to be shooting M43.

  8. Brian, I am with you. I love the connection I have with this lens. It helps me slow down and enjoy the process of taking a photograph. I look forward to spending time it will take to learn this lens.


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