I love taking photographs in museums because there's always so much line, color and texture. I'm careful to use quiet cameras so people can enjoy the respite from all the noise of daily life.

These are all from my favorite Austin, Texas museum,
The Blanton Museum on the University of Texas campus.


crsantin said...

Unfortunately our local art gallery does not allow photography once inside. It’s quite a nice gallery too which is a shame.

typingtalker said...

I was lying in bed this morning enjoying Bach's Brandenburg Concertos on the radio -- a great way to wake up. It occurred to me that great music is well known, recognizable and freely available to us while much great art is inaccessibly hung away in great museums and warehouses. Most of us see it (if at all) on small screens or in books.

Listening to Bach on the radio (even a very good and expensive radio) is not like attending a concert but relatively speaking it is much better than a small picture of a great picture.

The Cleveland Museum of Art has a large photography collection (over 8,000 photographs) but a vanishingly small part of it is on display. Fortunately it can be viewed on-line but that's not the same as seeing it "live."

The same is true for their other art.

The IMAX film "Moi, Van Gogh" was an eye-opener for me but it's only slightly more accessible than Sunflowers which hangs in the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam.

end of rant