Black and White or Color? Which would you choose?

The image started out in color (just above) but I kept "seeing" it in black and white. I still can't decide which one works for me...

Photographed with a G9 and the 40-150mm f2.8 Olympus Pro lens. 

Added Friday afternoon: A fix by Mr. Judd:

Maybe, but I miss some of the surrounding colors. Good variation...


Several Landscapes of Iceland Posted After Reading About 17,000+ Earthquakes in One Week. And the Prediction That a Volcanic Eruption Might Occur!

 I am not a landscape photographer but I suppose I could play one on YouTube. I was reading the newspaper yesterday and came across an article about last week's dramatic increase of earthquakes in the Southern region of that county, not too far from Reykjavik which is where something like 90% of the country's population resides. 

Reading the article triggered a few memories from my trip there in 2018 and I went back into the galleries to see if there were any images I hadn't previously posted. I guess I just wanted to remember what it looked like then, better. 

I was happy with many of the images I made while there. I took only Panasonic G9 cameras and shot mostly with the Olympus 12-100mm f4.0 Pro lens. It was a nearly perfect travel combo. I'm not sure, in retrospect, that I would pack anything else. 

As if a global pandemic wasn't bad enough now we have a possible, gigantic, volcanic eruption to worry about. The last one took down a lot of air traffic in the Northern hemisphere and caused a lot of health and safety issues. I hope this one is colorful, dramatic but non-destructive. 

I guess it's time for me to buy an RV, outfit it with a bunch of computer crap and photography gear, and drive around taking landscapes.... Oh, who am I kidding? I'd rather watch grass grow. I guess it's a pursuit (landscape photography) you either love right off the bat or spend your life trying to understand why other people enjoy it so much.

I'm resolutely in the second camp. 

off topic: I've been following TheOnlinePhotographer for years and was reading about addiction, food and lifestyle stuff there this morning. Yes, it's bad to be addicted to stuff that negatively affects your life. So, I finished reading the blog (and the comments) and moved on to reading the Guardian. 

A quick summary is this: In countries where the majority of adults are overweight or obese the death rate is 10 TIMES!!!!!!!!!!! that of countries where the majority of adults are NOT overweight. This follows similar data from the World Health Organization from last April. TEN TIMES MORE LIKELY to DIE!!!!

I knew that obesity was a contributing factor or co-morbidity but TEN TIMES?!!!!! And that's the result even though countries like the U.S. and Italy have much better health care systems than almost any country the population of which hasn't succumbed to being......fat. 

I thought about this while I swam my 3200 yards early this morning. I thought about this when I ate my Greek yogurt, muesli, blueberries and walnuts at breakfast after my swim. I thought about this as I checked the battery life in the camera I'm bringing along for my noon walk through town. I thought about the article long and hard. Have we, as a culture, come to the point where we're willing to engage in so much bad eating and absolute disinterest in exercise that we're okay with setting ourselves up for a much earlier death? And a much less rewarding and more painful old age?  Even when we know better? 

None of the information about diet and exercise is new (although it seems like people re-discover it over and over again!) or ground breaking. It's just an application of good dietary ideas mixed with discipline; the same as it has always been. Swim, run, walk and don't eat like someone from Mississipi. Sorry to anyone from Mississippi but I'm going by national statistics....

I looked at the Texas qualifications for being in one of the first groups to be eligible for a Covid-19 vaccine (after first responders, doctors and nurses) and in addition to qualifying if one is obese, has diabetes, heart disease, etc. you can also skip the line (metaphorically) if you are a smoker. That's right, a new fringe benefit of smoking cigarettes is now a preferred spot in the vaccine queue. I almost gave up hope altogether when I read that. 

The more bad habits you willingly embrace, it seems, the more preferential treatment you receive. What the hell kind of message is that?

Rant over. Gone outside to do something (anything) other than sit in a chair all day while eating stuff I don't need. Hope the same for you.